Foreskin Restoration and Regeneration

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., is the primary inspiration for my current study of the challenge of regenerating a foreskin. Included are other men of accomplishment, namely: Leon Ernest Eeman, Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann, Terry & Leslie Patten, Kaali & Lyman, Nathan Stubblefield, John Bedini, Nikola Tesla, William Lyne, Mark McKay, Aaron Murakami, Clint Ober. All of these guys have helped me to better understand how to go about this project with the least amount of effort. Oh, and by the way, included in this list of thank you's is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Charlie and Helen Lutes, and Guru Dev.

Tugging is not an option for me. I'm too old to pursue that. My skin does not want to grow; it wants to blister and turn red. Not much incentive to pursue foreskin restoration under these conditions.

So, discovering Robert Becker's accomplishments has been a godsend.

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