Yoga – 2016

All paths lead to God. Avoidance of incest is one of several signposts declaring to the world how ignorant we are of God. Do you think Eve was not the sister to Adam? But were they born of woman? Or, born of God? {The mind-born sons of Brahma.}

Our aversion to incest epitomizes our lack of purity. It does not indicate moral fiber. For we were meant to stick by the side of our siblings and not give up on them.

DNA doesn't make our life. We make our DNA. And within three or four generations, we can lose whatever purity was bequeathed to us. But the sanctity of our DNA can last for innumerable generations if we uphold the purity of our awareness.

Adam walked and talked with God.

Eve was not tempted by Satan, unless we peel away the mystery to what Satan represents: pathology - germs, spirochetes.

Any change in our moral fiber will show up, first in our RNA's expression of the DNA, but will also show up in what DNA we bequeath to the next generation. We control our DNA as well as our RNA. In other words, we control our genetic destiny.

If we do nothing, than our DNA will control us. But that's indicative of sloth in as much as we're too lazy to endeavor to override whatever DNA we've inherited by altering how our RNA reads the DNA.

The RNA can misread the DNA for the better or for the worse. It's our choice. And we get to live with the consequences from one generation to the next.

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