I thought I was going to install flash versions of all of my videos to enable instant streaming, but I've discovered an alternative: browser's which support streaming. For Android phones, there's the Dolphin Browser enabled by directly downloading an Adobe Flash Plugin for Android 4.0+ and following these instructions. For the desktop, there's Opera Browser with flash capability preinstalled (check it's settings). Both are cool and save me the expense of clogging up my webspace with lots of bloated FLV files! They're huge!!!

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Additional links for more research...

While researching colloidal gold, I discovered that homeopathic gold is better, because we can overdose on Gold and then get the opposite effect plus accumulation in our pineal gland. So, simply boiling a gold coin in distilled water can supplement our use of silver hydroperoxide (AgOOH).

Don't do this...

...without first doing this... … -2000.html

But I use a crock pot to boil my 1/10 oz. Kruggerand. It's a lot cheaper!

Some of the benefits of homeopathic gold... … lden-cure/ … llicum.pdf … omeopathy/

You can also buy it...

These are links I gleaned from searching for these four search terms on Google... … ilver.html



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