I thought I was going to install flash versions of all of my videos to enable instant streaming, but I've discovered an alternative: browser's which support streaming. For Android phones, there's the Dolphin Browser enabled by directly downloading an Adobe Flash Plugin for Android 4.0+ and following these instructions. For the desktop, there's Opera Browser with flash capability preinstalled (check it's settings). Both are cool and save me the expense of clogging up my webspace with lots of bloated FLV files! They're huge!!!

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Asanas stabilize consciousness...

It's not enough to say that the performance of asanas immediately prior to pranayama and meditation prepares the mind for effortlessly transcending during meditation. Asanas also prepare the mind for activity if performed immediately after resting a while after meditation.

Asanas stabilize consciousness by integrating the two experiences gained both in and out of meditation, namely: the integration of rest with activity and activity with rest.

So, to prevent entering activity with a woozy aftermath gained from coming out of meditation too quickly, asanas help subdue that state of reverie and bring the mind back into the focus of activity and prevent activity from jarring the mind back into activity instead of the asanas doing this gently.



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