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Charging the body with a negative electric charge to rid it of argyria

I mention in this video of using an expensive negative ion generator, which is specifically designed to be hooked up to the body and charge the body - temporarily from time to time while it sleeps, so as to rid the body of argyria. This is not a bad method, but it is dependent on nothing breaking down. Unfortunately, the AC/DC power adapter - which plugs into the wall outlet - does break down frequently enough to warrant looking for an alternative.

It turns out that the REDOX in chemistry, namely: oxidation and reduction, is a chemical equivalent to electrical charge (voltage). So, all we have to do is oxidize or reduce silver before using it. And this oxidation or reduction of silver will carry and transfer to the body a charge of voltage which could possibly be sufficient to render insoluble argyria into an ionic form suitable for elimination from the body.

To this end, I wish to repeat myself, that: silver hydroperoxide - AgOOH - is an ideal form of silver, because it is ionic, bioavailable, and carries a negative charge similar to healthy air in the forest or near surf at the beach as compared to ozone, or ozonated air which carries a positive charge. The latter condition is not conducive to health despite ozone's ability to sterilize. That's nice, but so can hydrogen peroxide as well as all of the other peroxides, such as: calcium peroxide in Ecodent's tooth whitening powder, or homemade silver hydroperoxide.



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